How It All Works


  • Learn about possible career paths for international students
  • Attend informative sessions to gain knowledge about the Canadian job force
  • Connect with local businesses and companies by viewing and interacting with their exhibits
  • Collect applications and drop off resumes, transcripts, and portfolios to share with prospective employers


  • Meet and interact with students from around the world
  • Hand out applications and/or receive resumes to recruit international students for current or future job positions
  • Gain exposure for your business or company

Why Attend

Career fairs are a free resource for you to discover which employers are hiring and interested in your particular skill set. You must strive to build relationships with the representatives that may lead to valuable information or referrals for potential openings.

Networking with employers is crucial during a job fair. Employers hire those that they would want to work with, so be friendly, professional, and polite when interacting with the representatives. Attending a career fair also allows you to network with other job seekers who may know of companies that are hiring individuals with your skill set.

In addition to interacting with the exhibits, you can attend 4 informative sessions to assist you in your career search.

Dress professionally and bring a pen and notepad, as well as multiple copies of your resume, transcript(s), portfolio, and references to share with exhibitors.

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